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Dwight and CarolineHaving finally professed his love for Caroline, Dwight and his love plan their elopement. He is still not happy about having to marry her in secret and making her give up her fortune. She explains that she doesn’t want a direct confrontation with her uncle but thinks he will forgive her in a year’s time, after it is too late to change anything. They plan to leave in a few days’ time, just before she is due to travel to London with Ray, so that he will not be suspicious of her packed bags.

For his part, Dwight has fixed Rosina Hoblyn’s hobblin’ (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) and now he is paying a visit to Harbour-master Vercoe’s sick son. Vercoe tells him they are close to catching the free traders so he goes to warn Ross but he is too late. In any case, he says his goodbyes to Demelza, who encourages him to start a new life with Caroline and reminds him that marrying for love is a good thing.

At Trenwith, Elizabeth receives notes from George warning her of tinners who may start prospecting on her property. There is increasing unrest in France of such activities and he fears that locals would take their lead and do the same. While Elizabeth writes to Ross for help and guidance, Aunt Agatha decides they stand a better chance arming themselves (Aunt Agatha with a shotgun is a most delightful sight).In town, Demelza finds Rosina complaining of her sore leg again. She goes to find Dwight, who is packing to leave with Caroline that night. She has brought their plans forward. He insists on going to Rosina, saying that he will be back in time to finish packing and head to Killewarren. But as we all know, things never go according to plan. Dwight finds out Charlie did not go on Trencrom’s run and has told everyone that he is sick with fever. Dwight and Demelza suspect Charlie is the informer. Dwight goes to confront Charlie and lo-and-behold, he is right. They fight but thankfully, Dwight escapes.

Instead of rushing to meet Caroline, who is already waiting in her carriage with her beloved pug Horace, Dwight goes to Nampara, only to find soldiers have arrived and are guarding the doors. So he sneaks back out to the cove in the hope of finding Ross before the soldiers but he is too late.

Poldark 207 RossRoss, Henshawe and Paul, having found no joy in France after finally finding Mark Daniel and asking him about what he saw in Wheal Grace, are just coming ashore with Trencrom’s crew and their loot. A quick-thinking Dwight starts a fire up in the hill to warn Ross of the ambush. Ross quickly tells everyone to go back out to sea while he decides to give another one of his nine lives a run and heads back to Nampara.

Having climbed out of her bedroom window and not knowing that Dwight is already at the cove, Demelza manages to get past the guards and heads to the cove. She bumps into Ross on the way and he tells her he will sneak in from the side while she goes in from the back. Just as she walks in, Captain McNeil and a bunch of other soldiers march in with a dazed Dwight in tow. They start to search the library and pull up the floor where the secret cache is. By golly, it is empty! No sign of Ross inside or outside the house either!

Poldark 207The next morning, after subjecting Dwight to hours of interrogation and finding nothing, the soldiers let him leave. He rushes to Killewarren, only to find Caroline has already left for London with Ray. She leaves him a farewell letter, telling him she knows his true love is his patients and that he will not give them up. It seems this is goodbye. (Me, a sobbing mess once again.)

So, this leaves us with one final mystery: where is Ross Poldark? Turns out, there is a secret cache within the secret cache and it just so happens to be big enough for Ross to crawl into. Not sure how he managed to put the rug over the floor after he got underneath though, but the important thing is that he lives to fight another day!

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