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Poldark 203

Now that Ross is free and clear, George not only sleeps with a loaded gun by his bedside, he is practising his boxing. His spy, Tankard (Sebastian Armesto), thinks it’s a good idea. Ross, however, has bigger things on his mind. The hefty 40% interest on the loan he took out the previous year is about to come due. To make matters worse, they still have not found anything of substance in Wheal Leisure and one of the shareholders has sold their shares to Mr. Coake. But it is George’s representative, Tankard, who appears on Coake’s behalf at the shareholder meeting.

It has now been four years since Wheal Leisure reopened but they have yielded little. However, Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) and Ross explain to the shareholders that they believe there is copper to be found at Trevorgie – about halfway between Leisure and Wheal Grace, another inactive mine owned by Ross. They convince shareholders to divert all profits to the new cause.

Ross is spending all his time down in the mines. His relationship with Demelza is cold – when Captain McNeil (Henry Garrett) visits Nampara, he accuses Demelza of flirting with the soldier because she is attracted to a man in uniform. She still has not told Ross of her pregnancy after he told her he does not want to suffer the same heartbreak as they did after their daughter, Julia, died of the Putrid Throat. But he does finally tell her of the money he owes and they begin to sell off whatever they can spare, including her prized cow sought after by Sir Hugh Bodrugan (Patrick Ryecart).

Poldark 203 FrancisDwight continues to make house calls, dropping by Trenwith for tea while Francis is teaching little Geoffrey Charles that “Uncle George is not our friend” anymore. Elizabeth asks Dwight what happened in Bodmin and confesses she suspects Francis had intended to kill himself and not return home. Without confirming or denying her suspicions, Dwight tells her to just be glad he is back and changed for the better. Elizabeth is still concerned that the Poldark cousins are not fully reconciled and asks Dwight to intervene with an invitation to Ross and Demelza for a special supper to celebrate their harvest.

Ross initially declines the invitation. However, when they find Jud’s body in a field, beaten but still with money in his pocket, he knows this is another of George’s attempts to keep the Poldarks apart, and he changes his mind.

What a happy occasion when the Poldarks are united against the evil Warleggans! Cheers! Francis, with renewed purpose, tells Ross that he has a little money put aside and intends to reopen Grambler, if for no other reason than to spite George.

Over at Killewarren, another party is in progress to celebrate Unwin’s election win. Of course, George the puppet-master is present, but Caroline is complaining of a sore throat. Ray calls for Dwight to attend to her and when he examines her throat (you could cut the sexual tension with a knife!), he finds a fish bone lodged inside and removes it with his expert hands. Dr Enys saves the day again!

While at Trenwith, Demelza receives a message to return to Nampara urgently. When she arrives home, she finds a distraught Prudie going out of her mind. They had been preparing a wake for Jud when his body seemingly disappeared. As it turns out, Jud didn’t die from the beating George’s henchmen gave him!

Poldark 203 DemelzaWhen Demelza returns to Trenwith, she overhears Ross and Elizabeth having a heart-to-heart in the library, reminiscing about their youth. He thinks they could have been happy together. When he retires to his room to find Demelza still up, he recalls the last time they were there, when she told him she was pregnant. She remembers that night to be the first time he told her he loved her. She breaks down and tells him that she is pregnant again, this time knowing that he does not want another baby. Amidst lots of tears, he admits to her that he is willing to open his heart to another child if she is. But we can all tell there will be many more challenges ahead for them.

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