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Poldark 202 trialOn the eve of Ross’s trial, his lawyer Jeffrey arrives with a list of the prosecution’s witness – mostly people paid off by George to testify against him. He sees Jud’s and Prudie’s names on the list – disgruntled servants.

Out on the streets, mobs are starting to rumble about the election results. Caroline is bemused by the rioting and Ross’s upcoming trial. She tells Unwin they should be setting Ross free to go home to his wife. As we have quickly learnt, having been brought up in the strict confines of London society, she is already very taken by Dwight’s steadfastness and refusal to be impressed by money, Ross’s care for the masses despite being a gentleman, and curious about the scullery maid whom he married for love.

When Demelza is caught by George at the Assembly while she is speaking to the judge set to preside over Ross’s case, she asks George why he hates Ross so much. He tells her that she would not understand. He was a blacksmith’s son but he is now a gentleman and she is a miner’s wife.And what of Francis after we heard the gunshot in the last episode? Dwight returns to his room to find the door locked. But just as he is about to knock the door down, fearing the worst, Francis opens the door. He admits that he had planned to end it all but his gun had misfired. Knowing that Dwight fears he will try again, Francis assures him he has no gunpower left, and that, for now, he will have to be content with a living roommate instead of a dead one.

Poldark 202Having refused to sign a plea deal, Ross is now facing judge and jury. As witness after witness comes forward to testify against Ross, proceedings are suddenly interrupted by Demelza’s estranged father, Tom Carne (Mark Frost), now a reformed preacher. He accuses Ross of stealing his daughter and of assaulting him. Demelza feels sick and goes outside, followed by Elizabeth to check on her. Demelza confesses that she is pregnant again but that Ross does not yet know.

When the prosecution’s case continues, Jud is on the stand. He recants his previous signed statements. When it was finally time for the captain of the wrecked ship to get on the stand, Ross takes on the cross-examination. The captain admits Ross had warned him not to go down to the beach for his safety and had offered him and his remaining crew shelter in his home.

With only Dwight in Ross’s corner to provide a character statement, it would appear that Ross’s fate is sealed. However, he chooses to make a statement in his own defence. He did not take anything from the wreck and a search of his house also found nothing. He continues with a reminder about the desperation of the starving miners who rightfully took what was swept ashore which breaks no law.

Miraculously, Ross is found not guilty (hurrah!). Everyone celebrates! In light of the good news, Verity asks Francis if they could reconcile. And just as we, the audience, hope that his failed suicide attempt might make him a more forgiving man, he reminds us that he still has some way to go as he refuses her offer for as long as she is married to the disgraced Captain Blamey.

Celebrations await as Dwight, Demelza and Ross ride home. Jud and Prudie are justifiably concerned about their own fates. Ross, knowing that Jud had perjured himself on the stand for him, cheekily comments to Demelza that he was going to find new servants the next day.

George, defeated in his scheme to send Ross to prison, is now more determined than ever, but sleeps with a loaded gun by his bed…just in case.

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