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Episode spoiler warning: Beware the green-eyed monster, for jealousy and revenge make for terrible bedfellows!

Poldark GeorgeGeorge Warleggan, with his smarts, money and spies everywhere, uncovers the backbone of the Carnmore Copper Company’s operations: the Tressider Mill. His first step to taking down Carnmore is simple – call in Tressider’s loans and threaten to put him out of business unless he ceases to work with Carnmore. Score one to George.

Despite their differences, Ross still trusts that Francis will keep his secret about Carnmore’s operations. But how long will this last? As it turns out, not long at all. Following the embarrassing confrontation at the Warleggan ball, Blamey and Verity agree to elope. When Francis finds Verity gone, he mistakenly assumes it is Ross who has been helping Verity rekindle her relationship with Blamey, having helped them once before.

Conveniently, just as this news is breaking, George is visiting Trenwith, telling Francis and Elizabeth that his cousin’s cheating is the reason they have lost Grambler and that he wishes to make amends by offering them a large compensation which effectively discharges his outstanding debts to the Warleggans. Needless to say, they are overjoyed (and not suspicious of his motives at all!).

Faced with one loyal and generous friend on one side and a cousin who he thinks has betrayed him on the other, Francis pours out his heart to George, who subtly brings up the subject of Carnmore. Before you know it, Francis is spilling out every name he knows to be on the shareholders list of the Carnmore to George, all of whom have debts with the Warleggans. Armed with this knowledge, George begins to call in all those loans, effectively sending all those men into bankruptcy and forcing them to pull out of Carnmore.

Poldark 107 (Mark)Keren, meanwhile, is keeping herself busy, offering her services to Dwight and using that as an excuse to neglect Mark. Despite his best efforts, Dwight cannot keep rejecting Keren’s advances and finally succumbs. When Mark returns home from work early that day, there having been a rock fall at Wheal Leisure, he finds his home empty. He confronts his wife when she eventually returns. They argue and fight. Mark, in his anger, breaks Keren’s neck and kills her.

The following morning, stricken with remorse, Dwight goes to Mark’s house to confess his adultery, only to find him gone and Keren’s body on the ground. Word quickly spreads and warrant for Mark’s arrest is issued. Ross advises Dwight to leave because the people are loyal to Mark and will not take kindly to him being the cause of these unfortunate events. Dwight refuses to go away, saying he still has patients to help and is willing to face the consequences of his actions.

As it happens, there are additional soldiers in the district looking for smugglers along the coast and they have been sent to look out for Mark at the same time. One of these soldiers is a captain who had served with Ross. When they turn up at Nampara inquiring about Mark’s whereabouts, they play it cool and pretend they know nothing.

When Ross finds out that Verity has eloped, he goes immediately to Trenwith. Rather being of help, he finds an angry Francis accusing him of helping Verity. The two argue. While Elizabeth is trying to break up the fight and make them see sense in their blood and friendship, Demelza is breaking up a fight at Nampara. Dwight has turned up seeking Ross’ company but Mark and his brother also turn up after they find the cove where they had planned to meet Ross teeming with soldiers.

Mark, his brother and Ross eventually meet up. Mark tells Ross that he had been hiding in his father’s old mine, Wheal Grace, and believes there is copper down there. But there is not enough time to tell him more (I suspect this will not be the last we will hear of Grace) as the soldiers close in and Ross barely manages to push Mark off in his boat to escape.

After such an eventful night, Ross returns home to find Demelza had also been to Trenwith to confess her part in Verity’s elopement. This confession does not go down well with Ross either as he explains to her the consequences of her good intentions: the Warleggans’ discovery of who’s behind Carnmore and their bankruptcies. For Demelza, worst of all is that she has lost his trust.

Read on for Series 1 (Episode 8) finale.