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Episode spoiler warning: Ross declares his love for Demelza in the most romantic way.

Poldark 104As the newlyweds settle back into their “new normal”, Demelza struggles with becoming the new lady-of-the-house. She hires Jinny as her own maid, at Ross’ urging, in an attempt to stop her continuing to behave like a servant.

Ross tells Francis that he has married Demelza and asks him to relay his happy news. Francis tells him that everyone in society will shun him but Ross, far from being put off by the prospect, welcomes the idea of never having to attend their society parties again.

While the news of the nuptials travels fast and everyone thinks Ross has finally lost his mind, Verity is happy for Ross. She is still nursing her own broken heart but is glad her dear cousin has found love, perhaps even given up on any further thoughts of Elizabeth.After Charles dies, Francis confesses to Ross that he is relieved. He has never been able to please his father and has always lived in his cousin’s shadow. But he is also terrified at the thought of becoming one of Cornwall’s most influential men now that his father is gone. George, ever the businessman, cannot help taking advantage of Ross’ new marital status. Even at a funeral, he is quick to sidle up to the disapproving Dr Choake (Robert Daws), one of Wheal Leisure’s original investors, to buy his share of the mine should he wish to cut his losses, believing that the mine would yield nothing.

With Charles out of the way, Verity is free to spend time away from Trenwith and takes the opportunity to visit Ross and Demelza at Nampara. This makes Demelza extremely nervous but Verity, having always been a bit of an outsider herself, puts her at ease. She tells Demelza that Ross was lost before he met her and she was afraid he would end up alone and without love. Demelza says she loves Ross more than anything in the world but does not expect him to return in kind. The two continue to bond as Verity teaches her the finer skills of being a lady, beginning with dancing, setting the table and folding table linen – all important skills for a hostess.

Poldark 104 Verity DemelzaWhen Francis invites Ross and Demelza to spend Christmas at Trenwith, Demelza panics but Ross assures her that Verity, at least, would love to see her. When they finally arrive at Trenwith on Christmas Eve, Elizabeth takes Demelza under her wing and tries to put her at ease. Ross is grateful for her friendship. Elizabeth admits to Ross that Francis is gambling away his inheritance and knows that he has a mistress, which Ross would not confirm, even though he has seen them at the tavern with his own eyes.

Demelza orders a special dress for the occasion and it is delivered to Trenwith. As Verity is helping her get dressed for dinner, George and his cohorts turn up unexpectedly (and uninvited – who does that? And on Christmas Eve?). Despite attempts at mocking Demelza’s previous role as Ross’ servant, Demelza more than holds her own. Post-supper entertainment was provided by Elizabeth playing the harp and Demelza singing in her most angelic voice that has the room, especially her husband, mesmerised. The party is a success.

On their way home, Ross tells Demelza they may soon become destitute. He is running out of money and prospective investors are shying away after Choake made his feelings about Ross’ marriage known. However, before they have a chance to contemplate a future of homelessness further, the bell at Wheal Leisure is rung – they have struck copper!

That night, as Demelza still questions why Ross married her, he gave the best reply:

“You’ve redeemed me. I’m your humble servant. And I love you.” Oh, and baby Poldark is on its way!

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