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Jason BourneJason Bourne (Matt Damon) is a man of few words, and his long-awaited return from hiding is proof that actions speak louder than words. After we bade farewell to the man whose real name is David Webb in Bourne Ultimatum almost a decade ago, we thought his story was done. It turns out we were ready for more.

Jason Bourne opens with Bourne making a living as a Russian bareknuckled fighter somewhere on the border of Greece and Albania. Meanwhile, former CIA analyst Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is on the run and trying to expose the Agency’s latest top-secret black-ops program by hacking into CIA files from a Reykjavik bunker using a laptop the Agency thought had been destroyed some 20 years earlier.

In no time at all, Parsons’ whereabouts and links to Bourne are traced by new CIA Cyber Division Chief, Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) – a young, ambitious, take-no-prisoner-type who should not be underestimated for her good looks. Lee takes her information straight to the CIA Director, a gnarly Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) whose agenda is simply to take out the rogue agent. Dewey gives Lee the go ahead to lead the operation to find Parsons and Bourne – she promises to bring them in but Dewey clearly does not care whether they are delivered dead or alive.

Big chases ensue as we soon find Bourne and Parsons in the middle of a riot in Athens. In an epic scene that is reminiscent of last year’s Spectre opening sequence, the CIA elite give chase, along with Athens police (because, heck, this is what happens when they get in the way of Jason Bourne) and an assassin with a personal grudge against Bourne brought in by Dewey known only as The Asset (Vincent Cassel).

Somewhere in amongst all this, we are given some information about a social media technology king, Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed), who is about to launch a program that is allegedly designed to protect the privacy of its billions of users, even from the government, but secretly he is doing deals with Dewey to give the CIA a back door to his program. This sub-plot seems unnecessary other than to give us an excuse to take the action to the streets of Las Vegas where a big convention is to take place. It must make for a nice change to be wreaking havoc in Sin City than New York or London for a blockbuster movie.

The return of Stiles as Parsons provide continuity to remind audiences of Bourne’s back story. There is little dialogue in Jason Bourne which is perhaps all that fans of the franchise expect. The action sequences with Paul Greengrass at the helm are what fans love. The motorcycle chase scene is exciting, though the Captain America: Civil War tunnel chase scene has set a new benchmark for car/motorcycle chases forever. For all that Jason Bourne lacked, there are enough breadcrumbs here to leave room for potentially further stories, hopefully involving the ambitious Heather Lee, because as we all know, every movie is automatically better with Alicia Vikander.

Jason Bourne opened across Australia on July 28.